New Ways to Date in the 21st Century

The way we date has gone through a virtual revolution in the last decade. It’s almost old fashioned to meet people the traditional way, through friends, family, or by attending parties or other social functions. Today, many people instead are turning to the internet or using other novel ways to find a date.

The emphasis these days seem to be on speed and convenience. Take online dating, for example. By signing up for just one large site such as eHarmony, you can potentially be introduced to hundreds of compatible singles over time. It would take a very long time to meet as many people in the real world, but online, meeting people becomes much faster and easier. I like eharmony because the site lets you join and get started for free.

benefits of dating with eharmonyThere is also speed dating. Although it does not give you the access that online dating sites do, you still have the ability to meet a dozen or more people in a single night. The beauty of speed dating is that a bad date will only last for minutes. And of course, if you like someone, you can easily follow up with them later to arrange a more lengthy meeting.

But perhaps the most creative way that people in the modern age are using to meet each other is through online games. There are couples who have met on Second Life, World of Warcraft, and plenty of other games. If nothing else, by meeting someone through such a method, you know right off the bat you have at least one hobby in common – gaming.

If you’re looking for a dating site to join, I recommend eHarmony for its size and professionalism. You can go here to open up a free account –

It’s amazing to think that just 10 years ago, these methods of meeting people were almost unheard of or just getting off the ground. We live in fast-changing, exciting times indeed. It just makes me wonder what kinds of methods people will be using 10 years from now to hook up.

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