Playing free games online

Call of Duty from GameflyThere‚Äôs a lot you can do to entertain yourself online, as you’ve probably found out over the years. One of the more popular things to do is to play free video games. For quite a while now, sites such as Pogo have allowed you to play games such as Monopoly and Scrabble without having it cost you a single dime. There are hundreds of games to choose from, so you are bound to find a game you will enjoy playing. But in my opinion, there are tons of far better games you can play.

Recently, many multiplayer games have become free to play as well. In the past, such games a World of Warcraft charged a monthly fee, but now a lot of similar games offer a free play element. Some will allow you to play a game up to a certain level without paying. But more often, games these days will let you play the entire game free, although there will be certain limitations on what you can do. Shen you play this way, and the rate at which you gain experience will usually be lower and you will be unable to access certain content. Nevertheless, MMOGs are highly entertaining and I consider them to be among the best ways to entertain yourself for free online.

As for console games, you still need to purchase the titles in order to play a game. But you can reduce the amount you spend by joining services such as Gamefly, which allows you to rent games and have them sent to your address. There is a modest monthly charge, however, you can exchange your games as frequently as you want. To try out Gamefly for free for 30 days, just go to

In my opinion, Gamefly is about as good as it gets if you are a huge fan of console games. There are two kinds of memberships currently available: One plan allows you to rent one game at a time, while another allows you to rent out 2 games at once.

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